Distribution of pulses under Integrated Child Development Services ICDS scheme :- Under the Integrated Child Development Services ICDS scheme under the Department of Women and Child Development in the state, 1 kg for the eligible beneficiaries of Anganwadi for the supply and distribution of supplementary nutrition. Under the scheme of distributing gram dal per beneficiary per month, 81368.277 MT for the month of May to December. The allocation has been made, which is 81209.55 MT by the corporation. Chana dal has been lifted and transported to fair price shops to be distributed to the beneficiaries through Anganwadi workers. And for the months of January, February and March 2021, the work of lifting is under process. Similarly, 49224.458 MT of wheat for the first, second and third trimesters. and rice 40076.854 MT allocation has been made. Which is 48855.906 MT of wheat by the corporation. and 38359.172 MT of rice. lifted and made available to the beneficiaries of Anganwadi through fair price shops